Parking & Mobility: The Perfect Pair

The intersection of parking and mobility is not a new undertaking at Kimley-Horn. Our firm was founded in 1967 by transportation planners whose first project was a parking study. In the 52 years since that first study, we’ve grown parking and mobility simultaneously, with experts in both fields backed by a strong bench of engineers and planners that enables us to easily tackle our clients’ challenges. We’ve proven the benefit of using parking and mobility to solve problems on numerous projects, including the Aurora (CO) Parking and Mobility Business Plan, Charleston (SC) Comprehensive Parking Study, Columbus (OH) Strategic Parking Plan, Arizona State University Parking and Transportation Master Plan, and Austin (TX) Strategic Mobility Plan.
From the start of the Charleston (SC) Comprehensive Parking Study, the City of Charleston and Kimley-Horn recognized that the initial parking project was a catalyst for a bigger change in the Charleston Peninsula area. Given the land constraints, population boom, and ever-expanding congestion into and onto the Peninsula, the parking system needed to be designed to promote better mobility decision making.
Having a multifaceted team engaged in the project enabled highly intentional analysis that assessed user needs and transportation opportunities. Kimley-Horn’s parking expertise helped define how policies and practices needed to evolve to support investments in mobility options. Furthermore, the combination of our national experts—Brett Wood, P.E. (Charlotte) and Stephen Stansbery, AICP (Charlotte)—enabled the project team to educate the public, create innovative strategies, and inform elected officials of the ultimate impacts and benefits of the parking and mobility solutions.