In Case You Missed It

The Parking Podcast, Episode 28: An Interview with Dennis Burns and a Conversation about Consulting

Dennis Burns, CAPP (Phoenix, AZ) joins Isaiah Mouw on the latest episode of the Parking Podcast. Dennis discusses strategic parking planning and the advancement of the parking profession. Listen to the episode on Soundcloud or through your favorite listening app.

Highlights of the New Shared Parking, 3rd Edition Model

As the primary author of the Shared Parking, 3rd Edition model, Jeffrey Elsey, P.E., CAPP, LEED AP (Atlanta, GA) shares five key takeaways of the powerful parking planning tool. Learn more.

Curbing COVID-19: How the Parking Industry is Responding and Adapting

Chuck Reedstrom, CAPP (Houston, TX), David Taxman, P.E. (Fort Lauderdale, FL), and Jeffrey Elsey, P.E., CAPP, LEED AP (Atlanta, GA) address how industries that rely on parking revenue are working through the impacts of the pandemic now and in the future. Read more here.